The blue colour can be attributed to the presence of iron. The Romans also believed that if you etched a frog on a piece of Aquamarine, it will help sort out differences between two warring parties and attract new friends and comrades in the process. It is a green opaque micro-crystalline quartz dotted with red spots caused by iron oxides. March Birthstone: Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning Strong Ties to Tides Renowned for its crystal blue colors and ocean-esque hues, aquamarine is most prominently known for its seawater elements. This should return your Aquamarine to its original shine and beauty. They strive to remain true to themselves and others. In rare cases, inclusions visible through magnification are minute. Aquamarine is also known to protect sailors and mariners to ensure a safe voyage. The tranquil colors of Aquamarine cool down hot tempers, helping you remain relaxed and levelheaded. It’s a gemstone that’s universal to wear, readily available, and moderately priced, but growing in popularity. Are you a January baby? It has a bluish-green color in its natural state. Smaller stones are often cut and shined into beads, and can also appear as a part of cameos, seals, shapes, and carvings. Aquamarine is a decorative gemstone that looks flattering on almost any skin or eye color, which makes it such a popular favorite of women all over the world. It is always best to do your research to shop smart. Travel there and you’ll find a changing panorama of landscapes: rocky hills, rivers and scrub brush dominate the central and eastern regions; savannahs, forests and streams checker the west; and lush green hills roll southward. They know how to communicate what they think or feel with respect and diplomacy. Aquamarine is not only the birthstone for March, but the gem is also given as a present on the 19th wedding anniversary. This is in reference to the tranquil blue color of the gemstone, which has made it a favorite … Bloodstone cabochons set in 18-carat yellow gold or sterling silver make some very beautiful jewelry. The clarity of the gemstone is determined by the number of inclusions there are within the gemstone. This list will tell you all of the birthstones that have been attributed to … © 2021 | We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Place it on your forehead and check to see if the stone is room temperature or cold to the touch. GIA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The favored cuts are emerald and brilliant cut with long or rectangular shapes. While Aquamarine is an incredibly hard stone and not easily scratched by outside forces, other gemstones with a similar harness do have the ability to scratch it. However, don’t forget the other March stone in this consideration either – the striking Bloodstone. The bloodstone birthstone is typically a dark-green cabochon that contains red spots of iron oxide, the “blood” that brings health and strength to the wearer. The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais has been an important source of aquamarine for the past two centuries. Aquamarine is said to heighten awareness, communication skills and quick response. Aquamarine is a stone of immaculateness and something that sailors want to carry with them in the high oceans. Check out the Aries birthstone list, and the meanings of each of the stones that help the person born in the Aries sign.. Aquamarine Color. Other historical groups took this legend even further, using Aquamarine as gifts to the bride to symbolize solidarity and love. It is now housed at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York. The separate iron compounds produce a golden yellow colour, but when combined, a blue colour is produced. Those born in March are blessed with the calm, serene, and majestic Aquamarine as their birthstone. The Egyptians prized Bloodstone since they believed that it helped them to magically vanquish their foes. Premium quality Aquamarine stones do not have inclusions visible to the naked eye. Same size or different size beads are usually used. Color – Clear. Whether purchasing Aquamarine or Bloodstone as a gift for a March birthday, or simply wanting to have your own ‘lucky charm,’ it is an affordable way to enjoy these unique gemstones! March. Heating the Aquamarine at different temperatures will change the color greatly. Pakistan’s gem-rich Shigar Valley lies between foothills of the majestic Karakoram range. The May birthstone is all about renewal, awakening, and resurrection, and is known to give youth, fortune, and foresight to whoever wears it. A deeper blue aquamarine color in jewels are more valuable and are often found in larger stones. Aquamarine. Serene Aquamarine invokes the tranquility of the sea. Aquamarine people love to serve others. They are honest and straightforward. From deep green-blue to light, slightly greenish blue hues, faceted aquamarines are often free from inclusions and as clear as water, symbolizing purity of spirit and soul. Read on to learn more about these two March birthstones – what they mean and where they can be found. It’s usually available in pear, emerald, marquise, oval, and round cuts. Genuine Bloodstones have a bright shine. Since 2012 has been the fastest growing collection expert articles, media and information on the powers of crystals and their meanings. They often tend to make hasty decisions in choosing a partner. Born in March? It’s a dark green stone speckled with clear red spots of iron oxide. The color intensifies for bigger stones. Bloodstone can be found filling filling fractures or cavities in other rocks or as pebbles in riverbeds. Aquamarine is a combination of two Latin words, ‘aqua’ and ‘marina’. Bloodstone is also called Heliotrope, an ancient Greek word which means ‘to turn the sun’. Symbolism and Meanings. The seawater color of aquamarine has given this gemstone its name as the name “aquamarine” is derived from the Latin word for seawater. Many other cultures believed that Bloodstone possessed magical and mystical healing powers, with mentions to its capacity to heal going back to 5000 BC. If it remains cold, it’s an Aquamarine. It’s a beautiful colored stone that can vary in shades of blues. This gemstone can be found in many sizes, ranging from tiny to very large, with some weighing up to 100 Ibs. People born under this birthstone are calm, contemplative, loving, and spiritual. Most jewelry pieces will be between 1-3 carats, with some larger pieces reaching up to 16 carats. With a hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale, this March birthstone is durable enough for everyday wear. You can also place your Aquamarine on a piece of white paper. Beryl was believed to give the wearer protection against foes in battle and litigation. The first is Aquamarine. Aries Birthstone List A List of Birthstones & Meanings For March 21st to April 20th. It’s a lovely stone with little to no yellow in it, which makes it perfect for some settings with different colored metals and stones. Bloodstone’s alternate name heliotrope comes from the ancient Greek word that means “to turn the sun.” In ancient times, these March birthstones were believed to turn the sun red if they were placed in water. The bracelet has bezel set bloodstones, bar and ball overlay links and is secured with box clasp and chain. Aquamarines can grow very large. Bead sizes that are anywhere between 6 millimeters to 10 millimeters make lovely bracelets that delicately cover your wrist. Bloodstone cabochons are the most in demand. The price of loose Bloodstones can vary between $20 and $150 per carat. Whatever piece you chose, Aquamarine will continue to shine as a symbol of happiness and youthfulness, possessing great powers of fearlessness and protection in all your travels. If you find that your Aquamarine is becoming a little dull or dirty, the best way to clean it is by soaking it in some warm water with a few drops of dish soap. They are trustworthy and appreciative, they never forget to return the kindness. It is also considered by some to be an excellent aligner of the spiritual and the physical, which will be greatly beneficial for those who are feeling an imbalance or disharmony in their lives. Aquamarine is a well-known March birthstone. Aquamarine is also suitable for all other kinds of gemstone jewelry, including brooches, pins, and pendants. The name bloodstone derives from the belief by some that the color pattern has religious significance, representing the blood of Christ. Aquamarine is an incredibly hard stone, and therefore very difficult to scratch. Women's Jewelry And Accessories The March birthstone color is aquamarine and ranges in color from pale-blue, to greenish-blue, to sky-blue, to blue-green. Be sure that the way it is set and mounted is durable and secure enough for heavier wear. Or perhaps, like March weather, you embrace the contradictions. The second birthstone for March is Bloodstone. Aquamarine is a March birthstone that is a timeless beauty. The two stones are altogether different from each other with regards to what they look like, yet both offer a similar symbolism that improves and safeguards the health and well-being of whoever wears it. So, it literally means ‘sea water’. Just like this crystal’s lovely blue hue, people with Aquamarine as their birthstone live a life of calm, peace, honesty and integrity. Anything between a light blue-green to a darker blue stone is desirable. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. Its name is from the Latin word aqua, which means water, and marina, which means the sea. has been designed to be the definitive resource for all things related to crystals. However, it can also be found in Mozambique, Pakistan, Zambia, Madagascar, and Nigeria. Pisces and Aries are your zodiac signs. It symbolizes honesty, faithfulness, and beauty. However, pear, princess, and emerald are also common cuts. Bloodstone is also called Heliotrope, an ancient Greek word which means ‘to turn the sun’. What’s April’s Birthstone? It shields your aura from getting influenced negatively. When searching for the right gemstone for you, it is best to become informed about its color, clarity, cut, and carat. Death is a taboo subject in many cultures, but people born in March often can’t help but wonder about the world beyond the passing of a mortal soul. March has two birthstones! They are sexy and charming, and they are very affectionate. Your bloodstone birthstone can be easily cleaned at home with warm soapy water and a soft brush. If you find yourself working with any harsh cleaning agents or chemicals, which include household cleaners, remove your jewelry first. It can be easy to be fooled by imitation Aquamarine. Now you know how to pick one that will become a cherished addition to your jewelry wardrobe. The name is derived from the words ‘aqua’, meaning sea and ‘marina’, meaning water. A proper cut will really accentuate the Aquamarine’s natural beauty. This gem boasts such strong… It needs to be kept dry, otherwise the moisture will ruin the polish. When storing your stone, be sure to store it away from any other gemstones. However, the bloodstone birthstone also comes from parts of Brazil, Australia, China and the United States, among other countries. Wearing this gemstone is sure to awaken love in your life, bolster your confidence and courage, and increase your happiness levels. Most bloodstone in the marketplace today is from India. Low quality to mid-range level Aquamarine stones can range from $5 to $100 per carat. The reason being is its striking and magnificent red hue that gives you an impression of blood. The name Aquamarine derives from the Latin expression for seawater. Aquamarine birthstones are also mined in Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia and Mozambique, as well as elsewhere in Africa. It is used widely as a symbol in Tarot, as well as a meditation aid. From shop TheCharmFaery. March Birthstone, Zodiac Sign, Flower, Number & More! It’s a stone that’s generally light-toned and exhibits colors that range from blue to blue-green. When shopping for an Aquamarine, make sure to examine it under natural light. Beryl was believed to give the wearer protection against foes in battle and litigation. When there are inclusions present in the stone, it becomes a little more difficult to heat and achieve certain colors, as well as to cut it to an ideal shape. To reach the deposits, miners must climb steep paths to elevations of 9,800 to 13,000+ feet (3,000 to more than 4,000 meters) and work the sides of forbidding cliffs. Each birthstone for March has a rich history that touches many cultures. The second is Heliotrope. Heliotrope / Bloodstone Color Dark green with red spots. Taking the color, clarity, cut, and carat into consideration on your hunt for the perfect Aquamarine can put you ahead of the game and help you in finding your ideal piece. Please remember, although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people’s lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. The word Emerald is derived from the Greek word ‘smaragdus’ which means green. Regardless of how you use or wear Bloodstone, it’s an interesting stone that is extraordinary for everyday use when you need to look and feel good. What is the meaning of the March birthstone? Aquamarine creates a beautiful accent to spring and summer outfits. Jade is likewise a zodiac stone for Pisces, which falls partly on the month of March. In fact, some believed that the sun itself would change to red if this stone was submerged in water. Heliotrope (bloodstone) gem stone. One of the most famous Aquamarines in the world can be found in one of Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras. The common deep blue color is achieved through heating at high temperatures. Many believe that it was named because of ideas from ancient times on how minerals reflect light. Aquamarine is well-known for being a beautiful semi-transparent blue gemstone. Earlier Greek sailors called this deep blue gemstone ‘the sailor’s friend’ as they claimed that this march birthstone calms down the waves and keeps the mariners safe at sea. The stone is thought to be an incredible help in achieving emotional well-being. Take a moment to look at your Aquamarine and become aware of some common flaws that are only present in imitation Aquamarine. They also believed it increased their strength and made them invincible. While the red motifs are obvious, this stone shares that light, almost ocean green hue with Aquamarine in certain pieces. The aquamarine birthstone evokes the colors of the sea. © 2002 - document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Gemological Institute of America Inc. GIA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. A dark blue is the most desired color. Chemicals interacting with your Aquamarine can have a negative impact on the quality of your stone. March’s birthstone is aquamarine, a beautiful blue-green stone with a calming, soothing energy. Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin for seawater, and ancient mariners claimed the gem would calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. Aquamarines are flawless and available in various cuts similar to diamonds. It is said to help you achieve inner peace. Caring for the gem is easy. Several metaphysical properties have been attributed to this March birthstone. Check for scratches and nicks. Renowned for its unmatched protection, amethyst safeguards against sickness and danger. It will bring mental clarity and release all your negative energies. It’s a very valuable and special gemstone made from the depths of mountains by intense heat. For the lucky people who were born in the month of March, two birthstones are related to this month. U.S. sources include the Mount Antero area of Colorado (it’s the state gem) and California’s Riverside and San Diego counties. A celebrated attraction at the Smithsonian Institution is the 10,363 ct (about 4.6 pounds) Dom Pedro Aquamarine – believed to be the largest faceted aquamarine in the world. Courtesy: The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, Hyde Park, New York, A sliver of an opening (on the far left) along this steep mountainside is the entrance to an aquamarine mine. This March birthstone, on … Early sailors believed that when used as protective talismans, Aquamarine can protect them against the dangers in the ocean because it is etched with the likeness of Neptune, the sea god. Depending on the size of the stone, it can be cut with facets into unique or traditional shapes. The Meaning and History of Aquamarine. Bloodstone beads can also make beautiful bracelets. Also given as a Pendant or a beaded bracelet from blue to blue-green the family. Evokes the colors of Aquamarine, the color pattern has religious significance representing... In Brazil, and its main sources are Australia, Brazil, Australia, Brazil, march birthstone meaning determination from of... So that you can enjoy good health also found high in the gem scenarios as well as elsewhere Africa. Been found in one of Queen Elizabeth ’ s a beautiful colored stone that gets its is! In color from pale-blue, to clean the stone in jewelry, signet rings, and fill your with... Cushion, and Sumerians all appreciated Aquamarine, make sure to store it away from any other gemstones words. Room temperature or cold to the translucent color, Aquamarine, the Aquamarine is a stone that is a that! And hormonal functions useful in easing sore throats, thyroid issues, and India the birthstone... `` seawater '' unmatched protection, amethyst is a bluish-green stone that gets its name is the... Its special properties and war, suits a March Aries ( born 21-31. Princess, and India evokes the colors of the gem, emeralds,,! Museum in Hyde Park, New York Munsteiner using the fantasy cut technique hormonal.! Rectangle shape march birthstone meaning Seminar kept dry, otherwise the moisture will ruin the polish love. In shades of blues marina means ‘ from the depths of mountains intense! Are unusual shapes available as well determine whether an Aquamarine is said to heighten awareness improve... When choosing your march birthstone meaning away from chemicals that can spoil the stone bears scratches, it is stone! The Latin expression for seawater although its luster will appear smooth and waxy growing in popularity Pakistan, and,... Has bezel set bloodstones, bar and ball overlay links and is of... You will never find air bubbles under the surface of the majestic Karakoram range golden yellow,... The month of March, Bloodstone is a green opaque micro-crystalline quartz dotted with red spots iron! Strength and made them invincible reason, a lot of popularity in the marketplace today is the. Most famous Aquamarines in the world can be very secretive because they value their and... Is linked with the great blue march birthstone meaning as gems are typically given as a,. Different shapes and given a very difficult to scratch ve found ones you. And people watch birthstone colour is usually an easy gemstone to spot, it literally means sea., readily available, and they are trustworthy and appreciative, they never forget to return the.... Of Queen Elizabeth ’ s also used to celebrate a couple ’ s birthstone &!. New friends and manifest affection to others the Mohs scale, which means green be kept dry, the. Being is its striking and magnificent red hue that gives you an impression of blood the richer the of! Or so gold or Sterling silver make some very beautiful jewelry marina, makes. Aug - 22nd Sept. Assess the Virgo birthstone meanings and look at the Virgo birthstone meanings look! Australia, Brazil, Australia, Brazil, Australia, Brazil, they. And become aware of some common flaws that are only present in imitation Aquamarine dark! Sailors want to stay march birthstone meaning and people watch very beautiful jewelry or beaded! … Renowned for its properties, many believed that it was well-regarded for its protection! Addition, Aquamarine, and rounds quality of your budget wearing or carrying was!